Congratulations to our Volunteer, Board Member and Partner of the Month

jennifer haydon·Volunteer of the MonthJennifer Haydon. This month we’d like to first congratulate Jennifer, a dedicated member of the Luncheon Committee. She has been instrumental in helping execute flawless luncheons and we thank her and the entire luncheon team for making it look so easy.


tara johnson·Board Member of the Month: Tara Johnson. Even though you don’t see much of the board over the summer, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to plan the upcoming year. Tara Johnson is being recognized this month for her tireless work planning our upcoming MarketingEDGE Conference.  Tara was also instrumental in getting us organized and transitioned to Keep & Share for all of our working documents and processes. What a feat!

 ·Partner of the Month: Catch the Moment. This month, we’d like to make sure you know about a partner who deserve our thanks and recognition for all that they do. Catch the Moment is a great supporter of AMA and we hope you will consider them for your next project.

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August Luncheon Recap

Founded in 2012, the Sugar Land Skeeters are the first independent league baseball team in the Greater Houston Area in more than 50 years. The team’s inaugural game at Constellation Field was the culmination of many years of planning, and it secured Atlantic League baseball as a fixture in the local Houston sports scene.

The Atlantic League of baseball was the perfect partner for the city of Sugar Land and Opening Day Partners – the official owner of the Sugar Land Skeeters. Since its inception in 1998, over 800 players have moved onto major league teams. Because the players are considered independent contractors, Opening Day Partners knew they couldn’t build a brand around an individual player; they would need something more permanent.

August Luncheon Recap

AMA Houston President, Dominique Shu and Skeeters Event Marketing Manager, Randy Koch at the AMA Houston August Luncheon

Community became that something permanent and they decided to create an excitement that didn’t revolve exclusively around baseball. They knew they needed everyone in Sugar Land to buy into their vision. In order to do that they opted for no TV slots, no radio ads and went face-to-face, door-to-door, person-to-person selling the one thing they could – excitement and the vision of the Skeeters. It was community excitement that drove their success, not a star player.

Opening Day Partners are also the first to do a number of things with regards to creating a community that means more than just baseball. They give free admission to kids who wear their sports jerseys, supply season tickets to all special Olympians and even offer interchangeable tickets among the league ballparks. They were also the first to promote year-round use of the Constellation Field.

In order to maintain and surpass their inaugural success in year two, the Skeeters hired Event Marketing Manager, Randy Koch. Koch joined the ball club in April of 2013 and has continued to lead the Skeeters and the city of Sugar land down the path to their field of dreams. Over the course of his career, Randy has carved out a career in both marketing and sports – two of his favorite things. His background includes 20+ years of experience formulating marketing strategies, presentations, business to business and business to consumer sales, promotions, trade show marketing, and sales force management.

Affordable, fun, family entertainment is what keeps customers coming back to Constellation Field. And Constellation Field is what the Skeeters are selling. Randy’s goal is to create fun reasons for people to be there, whether that means any one of their theme nights – ladies night, strike out cancer night, etc. – or their community involvement programs and charitable donations. To Randy, the most expensive seat in the house is the one that’s sitting empty and the minute the game’s over the dollars are gone.

For more information on Randy Koch, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

Additional Happenings:

• The August board member of the month (Tara Johnson), volunteer of the month (Jennifer Haydon) and partner of the month (Catch the Moment) were announced.

• AMA Houston recognized one of its own: Jose Monterrosa was recently awarded the Emerging E-10 Award at the Houston Minority Supplier Development Council (HMSDC) luncheon on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 for his commitment as a Houston minority business owner.

• Robin Tooms, AMA Houston Immediate Past-President was presented with a gift by AMA Houston current President, Dominique Shu, to honor her for her continued commitment to AMA Houston and successful presidential term last year.

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Event Pictures

Miss an event? Check out the action from our past events.
Don’t miss our upcoming luncheon and SIG events!

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Congratulations to our Volunteer, Board Member and Partner of the Month

· June Board Member: Matt Ross. We’re overdue in thanking Matt for all of his efforts in putting together our monthly luncheons. He’s been the driving force behind our speakers for the past several years.

· June Volunteer: Ken Penny. You may have met Ken at one of our recent events. In fact, he’s been one of the key registration volunteers at our events – big and small. He’s always there to welcome you to our events, but he also provides a lot of behind the scenes support.

· June Partner: 808, inc. Whether you were able to attend the Crystal Awards or not, 808, Inc produced the great motion graphics for the event. We hope that you’ll consider them for your next project.

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AMA Houston’s Crystal Awards Recognizes Houston’s Best Marketing Work

64 Winners Announced at May 23rd Gala

HOUSTON, TX (May 29, 2013): The Houston Chapter of the American Marketing Association announced 64 winners at its 27th Annual Crystal Awards on May 23, 2013 at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston.  The Crystal Awards, AMA Houston’s premier event, honored the vision and strategic direction of the city’s best marketing work. The judges evaluated hundreds of entries in 63 categories, with a record 113 organizations represented among the finalists this year. The 254 finalist entries were on display at the event for the capacity crowd that exceeded 540 attendees.

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May Member Spotlight- Lindsey Donnell

Lindsey DonnellWhere do you work? And what does your company/organization do?
I work at TETRA Technologies, Inc. We are an oil and gas services company focused on select offshore, fluids and production enhancement services.

Describe your job briefly.
I am the marketing manager for TETRA Offshore Services, overseeing all marketing and communications work for our diving, heavy lift, cutting and P&A groups.

What is your favorite all-time marketing campaign or brand?
This is a tough question. For consumer campaigns those with humor always seem to be the most memorable for me. The State Farm Discount Double Check has been a recent favorite. It’s a little cheesy, but I laugh every time!

How long have you been a member?
I was a member a few years ago, but unfortunately my membership lapsed. I am happy to now be in a position where my involvement in AMA is welcomed and supported, and I am ready to reconnect with former contacts and meet all the new members!

What marketing challenges do you face a marketer? And how have your come them?
As I get back into the oil and gas industry and find myself in-house for the first time, I think my biggest challenge is distilling the wealth of event and media opportunities down to those that give us the best return. Ensuring we get all appropriate feedback from those who attend events on the company’s behalf and integrating our marketing events and campaigns into a well-organized CRM system has been and will continue to be critical to ensure we are participating in the best opportunities with the greatest ROI.

Do you have any advice for people thinking about joining AMA?
Join! I am so happy to be back in this group. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with peers in the industry, to stay up to date on trends, and find people who will give you great feedback on your ideas when you need an outside perspective.

Is there anything you would like to share about yourself with other members?
I look forward to meeting everyone very soon!

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